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Agnes Solitaire

Game rules:

Agnes Solitaire is a unique card game that combines the basic elements of classic solitaire with its own set of challenges, making it both intriguing and rewarding. The game starts with a deck of 52 cards, excluding jokers. The game is set up with seven tableau piles, with the first pile containing one card, the second two, and so on until the seventh pile has seven cards. The remaining cards form the stock pile. Above the tableau, space is reserved for the foundation piles, which will begin with the randomly drawn base card from the stock and must to be built up sequentially in suit. The goal of the game is to move all cards to these foundation piles.

Tableau piles can be built down by colour (black-red) and wrapping from Ace to King if nessesery. The game allows you to move groups of cards as a unit if they are in descending order and of the same suit. An empty tableau pile can be filled with any card or group of cards. Click on the stock (top left) to get a new cards.

A journey through Agnes Solitaire promises to be a captivating experience for card game enthusiasts. It provides an impeccable blend of strategy and chance, ensuring that every game played feels fresh and invigorating. While its roots can be traced back to traditional solitaire, Agnes introduces unique twists that require both skill and foresight to conquer. For those in search of a solitaire variant that offers both a stimulating challenge and the familiar comfort of classic card mechanics, Agnes Solitaire is the perfect match.