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Sultan Solitaire Chellenge

Game rules:

Sultan Solitaire Chellenge is a unique card game which is distinguished by its specific rules. In the center of the table is the Sultan, or Ace of Hearts. This lone Sultan waits for the Queens to join him. The tableau consists of eight foundations surrounding the Sultan, each containing one starting card (a King or an Ace). The goal of the game is to build the eight foundation piles by suit from ace to queen. There are free cells on the tableau. Each free cell can store one card. The number of free cells decreases with each successive level of the game. The stock pile can be re-dealt three times.

For those who are familiar with traditional solitaire games, Sultan Solitaire Chellenge offers new challenges that require a unique approach while maintaining the basic elements of strategy that card game enthusiasts love. Delving into this game means entering the magnificent palace of the Sultan, where every card move is important and proper management of free cells is the key to success. Although the game may seem difficult at first, the satisfaction that comes from arranging the court in perfect order is extremely rewarding.