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Sultan Solitaire

Game rules:

Sultan Solitaire is ideal for those looking for a solitaire game that stands out, offers complexity and rewards patience and cleverness. The game starts with a layout in which the Sultan (King of Hearts) is in the center, surrounded by eight cards that form the foundations. The object of the game is to build foundations by suit from Aces to Queens. The tableau consists of eight foundation stacks and six free cells. Each free cell can store any card. The remaining cards form a stockpile, which can be used to draw new cards and play them on free cells or foundations. The stockpile can be re-deal twice.

Unlike traditional solitaire games, Sultan Solitaire offers a refreshing twist with its unique layout and gameplay mechanics. Each game promises an enticing puzzle that not only hones tactical skills, but also provides a great sense of satisfaction upon completion. Mastery of this game is achieved by anticipating moves and moving cards with precision.