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TriPeaks Garden

Game rules:

Discover the lush landscapes of Solitaire TriPeaks Garden, a vibrant and refreshing take on the traditional tripeaks solitaire game. This version invites players into a blooming garden of solitaire puzzles, where each level represents a unique challenge amidst floral beauty and verdant scenery. The objective is to clear the cards, uncovering the peaks of the garden’s mysteries by selecting cards in sequences either higher or lower than the foundation card.

As you advance through the levels, the garden reveals its secrets, offering bonuses, power-ups, and hidden treasures that enhance the gameplay and reward strategic thinking. The fusion of solitaire mechanics with a garden theme not only provides a relaxing backdrop but also adds an element of discovery and growth as you progress. With its engaging puzzles, serene visuals, and captivating gameplay, Solitaire TriPeaks Garden is a perfect retreat for those seeking a peaceful yet challenging solitaire adventure.