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Secret Double Klondike

Game rules:

Klondike, a name synonymous with solitaire, is a classic card game cherished by many. But have you ever delved deeper into its variants? One such variant that remains relatively under the radar yet offers a delightful twist is Secret Double Klondike. The goal? To build eight foundations in ascending order, from Ace to King.

Tableau Organization: In Secret Double Klondike, the tableau piles need to be arranged in descending order, with alternating colors. For example, if a black 7 is on top, your next card should be a red 6. Foundation Builds: Begin your foundation piles with an Ace and stack them up in order, by suit, until you reach the King. Remember, this has to be done twice for all four suits. Stock and Waste: As with traditional Klondike, a stockpile exists, and drawing from it moves the card to the waste pile. Empty Spaces: When a tableau pile is empty, only a King (or a sequence starting with a King) can be placed there.

Secret Double Klondike isn’t just another card game; it’s an invitation to challenge yourself while enjoying the subtle art of solitaire. As with all great games, while the mechanics can be learned, mastery is a journey. So, why not begin yours? Pick up those two decks, and let the cards guide your strategy and skill to victory. Happy playing!