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Egypt Pyramid Solitaire

Game rules:

Egypt Pyramid Solitaire is a card game that offers you a journey back in time, opens the gates to the world of the pharaohs and their amazing achievements. Among the sands of the desert, with the sounds of the past in the background, you can feel the magic and mystery of this extraordinary game.

In Egypt Pyramid Solitaire your goal is to remove all the cards from the board. You do this by combining cards into pairs with a total value of 13. The correct pairs are Queen + Ace, Jack + 2, 10+3, 9+4, 8+5, 7+6. You can remove the King by itself, without combining it with another card. If you run into an obstacle, don’t worry – you can always use a helper in the form of the Joker or reach for reserve cards.

While the difficulty of the game increases with each successive level, the satisfaction that comes from discovering the next stages is indescribable. When the game seems impossible, it’s the ability to think strategically that pays the most dividends. Every move you make brings you closer to your goal – clearing the board of cards. Accompanied by monumental buildings, in the shadow of the pyramids, you feel the thrill and spirit of ancient Egypt.