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Golf Solitaire Pro

Game rules:

Golf Solitaire Pro is an excellent option for those who love solitaire, but are looking for something fresh and innovative. This game combines the best features of traditional solitaire with elements of strategy and surprise. Imagine combining the strategy and artistry of golf with the tactics of card stacking.

Your goal is to move all the cards from the table to the foundation pile. But here comes the catch! You must carefully choose cards one rank lower or higher than the card on top of the foundation pile. And don’t worry about suits – they don’t matter here. Also remember that you can put an ace on the king and vice versa.

Golf Solitaire Pro introduces “Wild Cards”. These special cards can be used as any other card, giving you new possibilities. And when you feel you have no more moves, reach for the “Next Card” , which are additional cards. They will make your game easier.

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