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Pyramid Klondike

Game rules:

You probably know and love traditional card games. But are you ready for something new? Pyramid Klondike Solitaire brings freshness to the world of card games, offering not only entertainment but also an engaging intellectual challenge. Pyramid Klondike is an addictive card game that combines the timeless rules of Pyramid Solitaire with the classic style of Klondike. The goal of the game is to collect all the cards from the tableau (seven columns). The cards must be paired so that their total value is 13. Valid pairs are Queen (12) + Ace (1), Jack (11) + 2, 10+3, 9+4, 8+5, 7+6. Kings can be collected individually because their value is 13.

Pyramid Klondike guarantees many fascinating challenges and mental stimulation. This game not only sharpens the mind, but also offers a relaxing escape from daily stress. With easy-to-understand rules and addictive gameplay, Pyramid Klondike has the power to attract both beginners and experienced card game enthusiasts. Give it a try and you may find your next favorite pastime.